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Hi, This is my second LD game.
It's an out of space bus simulator.  XD

When I was a student, I felt out of space every day because there are so many people on public transportations.
And here is the OVERLOADED, hopefully, it can remind you of some experience with buses. XD

How to Play:

There is a simple tutorial level.

And here are some simple instruction. ( Same as the tutorial)
1. Click doors to open or close it.
2. Passenger must buy tickets near the driver.// Passenger will have a number above head after buying the ticket.
3. Click passenger number to push them.// The number is where its owner wants to go. ( bus stop 1,2,3,4, ….)
4. Click driver to move to next station.
5. Click driver to end the game at the final station.
6. Open and close doors can solve stuck.

Efficiency = (Deliver - Complaint)*3600/Time.
Higher efficiency is better. 

Made by rainysoolar(.etc) & wuyan(audio)

Thanks for your playing!

Ludum Dare page :

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 42
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


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this is EXACTLY what it's like lmao

Very cute!




Very nice, had some fun :D

This put a smile on my face! Thanks for a funny game!

this game just like our life when we go to the bus and we find that we must fight to enter the bus

Great game i don't know why i loved this so much i guess it was because it was so funny not letting people out and messing around with the physics. I don't think that there was anything i disliked about the game.

idk why I played this, it was fun

This was a fun play. Ran really well and I hope after the jam you'll add to this. Maybe add more different types of people and a drunk you need to keep off the bus. Things like that. Was a good game tho. Well done... :)

Woah, this is good. Still, if you want better realism, you need that one guy who plays his music really loud the whole time, a few characters who argue about the price of the bus for 2 hours, and at least one family with 5000 boxes of luggage.